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Highfield Visiting Fellowships 2014/15

Highfield Fellowships provide the opportunity for Nottingham academics to work with a distinguished partner in order to develop or further a high profile research project and/or develop a very significant publication programme and/or to improve research impact. Highfield Fellowships are intended to support an area of interdisciplinary research which involves staff from both the Arts and Social Sciences. They do not support visiting scholars normally funded and supported by either School or Faculty sources.

Highfield Fellowships are available to both scholars and non-academics throughout the UK and abroad. Academics can be from any discipline but must have a common or complementary research interest with scholars from Arts and Social Sciences. Applicants must be distinguished in their field and will normally be mid/late career scholars. Non-academics must have an established international reputation and can provide evidence of leadership in their field and a direct link to potential research areas or a significant opportunity for knowledge exchange and/or research with impact.

All applicants must have at least two nominating academic sponsors from within the University of Nottingham (each from different disciplines).

Fellows are high-profile visitors. They are expected to take part in CAS’s research programme (attending seminars given by other visiting fellows and post-doctoral award holders) and to participate in the programme of events for 2014/2015, offering at least one seminar paper, public lecture and graduate master class. If appropriate they will also work with research partner organisations and/or institutions.

Please note that these Fellowships are not available to undergraduate or postgraduate students.

How to apply – Internal sponsors should send their visiting fellow nominations by email to the CAS administrator Allison Pearson, allison.pearson@nottingham.ac.uk.

Nominations for 2014-2015 Fellows must be received by 5pm on 31st March 2014.  For further details please visit the page here.

Highfield Visiting Fellows for 2011/12:

Highfield Visiting Fellow



Nominating Schools


Randy Thom

June 2012

Skywalker Ranch, Lucas Film


School of Computer Sciences

Dr Gianluca Sergi and Prof Steve Benford

Professor Lyman Tower Sargent

Spring 2011

Political Science, University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA



Dr Lucy Sargisson and Prof Nick Manning

Dr Liam Semler

Spring 2012 

English, University of Sydney, Australia



Manuscripts and Special Collections

Prof Julie Sanders and Prof Greg Currie

Professor Gerardo Otero

Spring 2012 

Sociology, Simon Fraser University, Canada



Dr Adam Morton

Tom Walsh

June/July 2011 President of the Art Directors’ Guild (ADG), Los Angeles


Dr Gianluca Sergi and Prof Steve Benford


CAS Highfield Visiting Fellowship 2010/11

Highfields Visiting Fellow


Affiliation Nominating Schools Proposers

Captain Manshu Xu

Jan - April 2011

National Defense University, China


Miwa Hirono/Andrea Fulda/Lina Song

CAS Highfield Visiting Fellowships 2009/10

Highfield Visiting Fellow Visiting
Affiliation Nominating Schools Proposers

Professor Robert C  Allen


17-20 May 2010

American Studies, History, and Communication Studies,

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Department of American and Canadian Studies/Institute of Film and TV Studies/Geography

Peter Ling
Peter Messent
Roberta Pearson

Dr Abdul Gffar Abdul Jaffar Razzaq Al-Qaysi


21 June - 21 July 2010

Psychology, University of Baghdad


Nigel Hunt
Stephen Joseph

Professor Aijuan Chen


1-31 July  2010 

Xian University of Technology, China

China Policy Institute/UNESCO Centre for Comparative Education Studies

Bin Wu
John Morgan

Professor Alexander Nemerov   

26 July -1 August 2010

History of Art and American Studies, Yale University

Department of American and Canadian Studies/Art History/Nottingham Contemporary

John Fagg
Mark Rawlinson
Robert Blackson

Professor David L Paletz   

28-30 June  2010

Political Science, Duke University

Department of American and Canadian Studies/Institute of Film and TV Studies/Cultural Studies/Politics

Peter Messent
Roberta Pearson
Roger Bromley
Steve Fielding

Dr John Perivolaris   

12 April -11 May  2010


Modern Languages & Cultures/Cultural Studies

Catherine Davies
Roger Bromley

Dr Javier Saavedra   

1-31 July 2010

Experimental Psychology, University of Seville

Nursing/English Studies

Paul Crawford
Ron Carter

Please click on the Fellow's name for more details of their fellowship at Nottingham.

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