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Closure of the Centre for International ePortfolio Development (CIePD)

Since 2005, CIePD’s achievements have made significant contributions to the University and the education sector, gaining national and international recognition for The University of Nottingham.


Read more about work led by CIePD on eportfolio implementation at The University of Nottingham.

After eight year's operation, The Centre for International ePortfolio Development (CIePD) closed in December 2013.

CIePD work at the University

CIePD forged new ways of working across the whole student lifecycle, introducing the latest technology to support learning, careers and progression. The Centre specialised in joining up areas of practice, government policy and University strategy; its work is now succesfully embedded in the University in several areas, including:

  • eportfolio implementation 
  • enhanced student placement learning, supported by streamlined administrative systems
  • the adoption of new course data information standards (XCRI-CAP) to refine university processes and make course information more accessible to students.
Other areas of work covered trust and personal data security; open data for the labour market; online university partnerships with business and the community; web service architectures and developing standards and interoperability for eportfolios (Leap2A).

International reputation for pioneering partnerships

The Centre has had the privilege of collaborating with a wide range of partners in the University and with other external bodies such as Higher and Further Education institutions, government organisations, careers services, training providers and research centres.

The Centre would like to thank all colleagues and partners we have worked with for their valuable support. 
CIePD staff have taken up new posts in the University.

This legacy website is no longer maintained with the latest information. The Centre for International ePortfolio Development closed in December 2013.

Some functions are no longer active, such as submission or enquiry forms. Contact or other information (including hyperlinks) may be out of date and should not be relied upon.


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