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A warm welcome to two new appointments

The Department of Classics is delighted to have recently appointed two new lecturers, Dr David Lewis and Dr Alex Mullen.

Classics Undergraduate wins the Marsden Prize 2015

Very many congratulations to Ellen Richardson, who has been awarded the university's prestigious Marsden Prize.

Digital Humanities Centre MA/MSc Scholarship

The Digital Humanities Centre (DHC) at The University of Nottingham invites applications for one MA/MSc Scholarship to provide reprographic services and support.
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Undergraduate open day
Talk to students and staff, and view the facilities and resources of University Park campus.



Faculty of Arts Futures Festival

Highfield House; University Park
A careers event for all Faculty of Arts students, including workshops, stalls, and a showcase of existing and upcoming opportunities.
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Faculty of Arts call for papers and conferences

Blogs: the latest posts from classics

  • On this day in AD 12, Caligula was born
    Text by Annabel Rock-Clarke Image © Mint Imperials Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was born in Antium on the 31st August AD 12. He is more commonly known as Caligula. He was the son of the extremely popular general, Germanicus, a nephew of Augustus who was adopted by the emperor Tiberius but died young at age 34, ...
  • On this day in AD14 Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, died aged 76 (Part II)
    Text by Mike Welbourn Image © Mint Imperial In the first part we looked at Augustus’ rise to power. In this second part, we look at his time as emperor. Augustus thus came to enjoy an unassailable and unimpeachably legal pre-eminence. Beyond establishing a long period of peace and stability after decades of civil war, Augustus undertook ...
  • On this day in AD14 Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, died aged 76 (Part I)
    Text by Mike Welbourn Image © Mint Imperial In this first part we look at Augustus’ rise to power. In the second part, we will look at his time as emperor. Augustus had risen to power in the aftermath of the assassination in 44 BC of his great-uncle and adoptive father, the dictator Julius Caesar. In concert with Marc Antony, ...

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