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Fabio Tufano

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences



Dr Tufano's CV can be downloaded here in pdf format

Recent Publications

  • NOSENZO, D and TUFANO, F, 2017. The Effect of Voluntary Participation on Cooperation Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 142C, 307-319
  • LUIGINO BRUNI and FABIO TUFANO, 2017. The value of vulnerability: The transformative capacity of risky trust Judgment and Decision Making. 12(4), 408-414
  • ZACHARIAS MANIADIS and FABIO TUFANO, 2017. The Research Reproducibility Crisis and Economics of Science Economic Journal. (In Press.)
  • ZACHARIAS MANIADIS, FABIO TUFANO and JOHN A. LIST, 2017. To Replicate or Not To Replicate? Exploring Reproducibility in Economics through the Lens of a Model and a Pilot Study Economic Journal. (In Press.)

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