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Georgina Michailidou

ESRC DTC PhD Student, Faculty of Social Sciences


Teaching Summary


-Economics for Business and Management

-Introduction to Macroeconomics

Research Summary

The Complicity Game

A die rolling task is combined with a coordination game with multiple Nash equilibria to construct a laboratory context in which complicit actions can emerge. The aim of this study is to test whether one's willingness to behave dishonestly is sensitive to the anticipation of reciprocation. We find i) that players lie significantly more when a potential accomplice can reciprocate their action (complicity effect) and ii) that players lie significantly less when a potential accomplice becomes a passive player, as compared to a ceteris paribus context where players act singly (audience effect).

Past Research

Distributive justice and relative economic status: Experimental evidence from Athens.

Subjects participate in a one-shot, four person, dictator game with unequal initial endowments. Their real life economic characteristics are elicited in a post-play session. Results suggest that there are no systematic differences on the distributional preferences of subjects from different economic classes.

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