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Roel Dom

ESRC DTC PhD Student in Development Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences



Curriculum Vitae

Research Summary

Current Status

PhD (full-time) - currently registered

Research Topic Title

Creating Fiscal Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Effective Have the Reforms Been?

Research Summary

My research is focussed on the evaluation of recent tax reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa. Given my interdisciplinary background, I maintain primary research interests in the political and societal factors that impact the economic effectiveness of these reforms. My current work looks at the revenue impact of so-called semi-autonomous revenue authorities, as well as at elite legitimacy.

Research Interests

Economic Development, Public Finance, Political Economy

Research Supervisors

Professor Oliver Morrissey

Dr. Anja Neundorf

Primary Funding Sources

ESRC Doctoral Training Centre

ODI Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure

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