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We offer an extensive range of taught undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as extensive opportunities for PhD-level study.

The innovative new degree programmes provided by the School of International Studies aim to develop students' awareness of the contemporary world. For students interested in a greater understanding of the world today, its problems and how we might solve them, this is the course to take!

Graduation at Ningbo campus



Undergraduate Courses

This degree is the core undergraduate programme in the School of International Studies. Building on the foundation training in Year 1, the core modules in Years 2-4 are designed to enhance students' knowledge and understanding of past and present societies and cultures, especially in Europe, North America and Asia. The Nottingham approach of combining lectures with in-depth interactive seminars develops their intellectual skills, and allows them to practice the transferable skills they will need to perform in the international arena. Globalisation has made it more important than ever for young professionals to exhibit a high level of international awareness in the 21st-century workplace, whether it be in government organisations, businesses or academic study. The International Studies degree provides the core training they will need to perform to their full potential, by developing the analytical and communication skills increasingly in demand throughout the world today.


This degree is designed for students who wish to specialise in the field of Europe's relations with China and the rest of the world. Founded on the core modules of the International Studies undergraduate programme it trains all the skills that young professionals working in the international arena will need, with a particular focus on Europe. For those students who may wish to seek employment with corporations operating in the fast-growing world of Sino-European cooperation, it also develops the cultural awareness and international understanding that will be crucial to success in any venture with European links.


The interdisciplinary programme builds on the International Studies degree model to foster an integrated awareness of global forces today combined with extensive language training in Spanish/German/French/Japanese/Chinese. The course covers a wide spectrum from history, politics and international relations to cultural studies and modern languages. This presents a unique opportunity to bring a global perspective to your insight on the structures, dynamics and networks that determine the course of contemporary international affairs. Taking this degree course will allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding of societies around the world while developing your language skills with particular emphasis on Spanish/German/French/Japanese/Chinese. Not only will the specialised training you receive enhance your cultural awareness and intellectual faculties, but you will have the linguistic ability in Spanish/German/French/Japanese/Chinese necessary to operate confidently in Spain/German/French/Japan/China, Asia or the fast-growing world of Sino-Spanish/German/French/Japanese/Chinese enterprise.


Postgraduate courses 

This MA offers a unique postgraduate taught programme of the highest standard, delivered by world experts in their field. The degree is structured into compulsory modules providing the conceptual background, as well as elective modules allowing students to develop their theoretical and empirical interests in one of the core issues of world politics and history today.


The PhD in International Studies is a three year full-time programme (or six year part-time) of doctoral study for students who would like to undertake advanced research in preparation for an academic or related career. If admitted to this degree, students will conduct their own research under the guidance of two academic supervisors, one based at the University’s China campus and another at the UK campus. Graduates will be awarded a University of Nottingham UK degree, which is also recognised by the Chinese Ministry of Education.


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