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Mariele Valci

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I was born in Rome, Italy, in 1989, and I have been always surrounded by ruins. From the windows of my school I could see the Tiber, and when I was MA student, I passed in front of the pyramid of Cestius everyday to go to university. Day by day, I have learned to deeply love Rome in spite of its contradictions.

Research Summary

Research Topic:

The Economy of Rome in the Communal Period (1143-1398)

Research Summary:

My project studies the development of the medieval coins circulating in Rome between 1143 and 1398. In that period Rome was a commune, namely a city state with a self governing municipal institution known as Roman Senate. This is one of the least-known phases of Roman history because of the scarcity of archaeological and written sources. My project is addressing this lack of evidence by examining numismatic data. The latter have been scarcely considered by scholars until now, despite the fact that their study allows for a more precise reconstruction of the Roman political economy in the Late Middle Ages.

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