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Wednesday 22nd June 2016
Monday 20th June 2016
Friday 17th June 2016
Thursday 16th June 2016

Clinical trial to test two treatments for vitiligo sufferers

People who suffer from the skin condition 'vitiligo' are being encouraged to take part in a clinical trial led by The University of Nottingham's Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology and the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit.

Soft-core pornography viewers 'unlikely to hold positive attitudes towards women'

Frequent viewers of soft-core pornography, such as photographs of naked and semi-naked female models, are unlikely to think positively about women and are likely to have become desensitised to soft-core pornography common in newspapers, advertising and the media.
Tuesday 14th June 2016
Monday 13th June 2016
Monday 6th June 2016
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