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Executive Project Management Office (EPMO)

The Executive Project Management Office (EPMO) provides project management expertise to deliver a wide range of strategic projects, programmes and initiatives, on behalf of the University Executive Board.

Reporting to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the EPMO operates across four core areas:

  • Global Strategy 2020 strategic change portfolio
  • Change management and project delivery
  • Strategic reviews
  • Institutional portfolio monitoring and reporting.

The team also has responsibility for maintaining the University Project Management Framework

The team are currently involved in a range of projects supporting key University initiatives.  Activities we undertake range from assessment and feasibility, through project management advice, project design and initiation to project delivery and closure.

Change Projects

EPMO will be focusing efforts on projects prioritised as part of Global Strategy 2020 (S2020) implementation.                  


Strategy Delivery Board

The EPMO provide portfolio management support to the Strategy Delivery Board (SDB).  

The SDB has a remit to ensure there is consistent and targeted support for, and monitoring of, major change projects around the University and provide a single point of reference for the co-ordination and implementation of Global S2020.


Team members        

Hâf Merrifield, Strategic Change Director, Tel 0115 82 32380

Helen Phillips, Senior Project Manager,  Tel: 07557 566 009   

Sue Clayton, Senior Project Manager, Tel: 0115 84 67848

Toni Pickering, Review Project Manager, Tel: 0115 951 3017

Stephanie Holmes, Project Manager, Tel: 0115 74 84918

Andy Culshaw, Project Manager, Tel: 07780 092 705

Natalie Cook, Project Manager, Tel: 0115 74 84549

Louise Sabir,  Team Administrator, Tel: 0115 82 32561   

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