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Examinations form part of your assessment at the University.  This section offers information about dates of examinations, accessing past papers and what to do if you have special requirements or extenuating circumstances.

During exam periods there are 3 examination sessions each day (09:00, 13:30, 16:30) Monday - Saturday. Your examinations may be scheduled to take place on any of the published dates during the examination periods including all three sessions on a Saturday. Where a School/Department holds examinations outside of the University Examination periods, you will be informed of those dates separately.

2014/15 Examination dates

Autumn Semester Examinations: Monday 12 January 2015 to Saturday 24 January 2015 – including Saturday 17 January 2015

Spring Semester Examinations: Monday 18 May 2015 to Friday 05 June 2015 – including Saturday 23 May and 30 May 2015

Resit Examinations: 17 August 2015 to Wednesday 26 August 2015 – excluding Saturday 22 August 2015

2015/16 Examination dates

Autumn semester Examinations -  Monday 11 January 2016 to Saturday 23 January 2016 – including Saturday 16 January 2016

Spring semester Examinations -  Monday 16 May 2016 to Saturday 04 June 2016 – including Saturday 21 May and 28 May 2016

Resit Examinations -  Monday 15 August 2016 to Wednesday 24 August 2016 – excluding Saturday 20 August 2016

When are my exams? 

The examination timetable for each semester will be available approximately 6 working weeks before the examinations begin. For the Autumn semester examinations this will be in mid November, and for the Spring semester examinations this will be in mid March. The timetable will also be published on the Exams Office web site in examination code order. Students must access their individual examination timetables from the 'My Course' tab on the Portal to ensure they are aware of when their examinations will take place. Room locations and seat numbers will be published three weeks before the start of each exam period . Please note that once the timetable is published students will be unable to change their examination entries   


Examination Contact Numbers

General Contact number - 0115 84 67331

Contact number during examinations

0115 95 15747
0115 84 68591
0115 95 15881



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