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Module Enrolment FAQs

How do I enrol for 2017/18 modules?

You will be enrolled automatically onto the compulsory modules required by your programme. 

Optional modules should be selected using the online form at

New students have between 18 and 25 September to make their initial selections. 

All students have between 27 September and 11 October to change their optional module selections. 

If you missed this deadline, contact staff at a Student Service Centre for advice. 

Why are there modules already on the form?
The form will display any compulsory modules for the new academic session. The modules on your form are your compulsory modules for the year. Your compulsory modules have been added automatically based on your programme of study. 
How do I find out about the modules I should be choosing from?
The best source of information and guidance is your home School or Department.  You can find guidance about the modules you can choose in the Programme Catalogue for your course and details of the modules themselves in the Module Catalogue. All module enrolments must be agreed both by the offering School (for modules taken outside of your home School or Department) and your home School or Department for them to be valid. 


What is a compulsory or core module?
A module which is described as either compulsory or core is a module which must be taken by all the students on that programme of study.
What is a restricted optional module?
A restricted optional choice is when students have some choice in the module taken but from a limited, prescribed list of modules. This could be what is described as ‘alternative’ list (i.e. take either from list one or from list two) or a ‘restricted’ list (i.e. select X modules from this list or lists).
What is an optional or free choice module?
Some students will be able to select modules which are free choice; although the module selection must still be agreed by both the offering School and your home School or Department to ensure it is appropriate for you and your programme of study.
How can I enrol on modules outside my Home School?

If this is permissible it will say so in your programme specification and you should enter your preferences on the online form. 

If you are selecting a Language module (coded LK****), completing the form does not guarantee you a place. You will also need to attend one of the language assessment events taking place in the first week. Details of these sessions can be found here

If you are thinking of selecting a Mathematics module as part of your optional choices and you are not on a course run by Mathematical Sciences, ensure you are selecting a Maths module with a code HG***** rather than G1***** and add in the notes field what your current level of Mathematics is.

What happens if I do not complete the module entry form?
The absolute deadline to submit your choices is 10am on Wednesday 11th October. After this time, module changes will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances although you will have the opportunity to change your Spring semester choices (only) at the start of the Spring semester. 
How can I check that I am correctly enrolled on the modules I chose?
It is your responsibility to check that your student record contains the correct information. You will be able to see your choices through the Modules screen in Blue Castle. 
What if I want to change my mind about the options I've chosen? 
All students have the opportunity to change the modules they have already selected during the first two full teaching weeks of each semester. Enrolment on a module is subject to availability and to meeting eligibility criteria so it may not always be possible to change your choices. 



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