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Am I able to change my modules in January?

You are able to amend Spring Semester modules if your programme of studies allows this option. You are not able to amend your Autumn or Full Year modules.

I want to change a Spring semester module. How do I go about it?

The “change of mind” period is 29 January – 9 February 2018.  To amend your Spring semester modules, please complete the form which will be available from The form will be available from 22 January though processing will not start until 29 January.

Your completed form should be returned to your local Service Centre or can be emailed to ensuring the email is titled Module Amendment and your email contains the name of your School.

If you wish to add a module from the Language Centre, there are some additional requirements (see below)

I want to add a Language Centre module. What do I need to do?

If you are interesting in taking a Language Centre module for credits
and as part of your degree programme, you must attend a Language Centre enrolment session to discuss your choice with the relevant academic. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serviced basis at the enrolment sessions.  Please take along a Module Change Form to the enrolment session.  Approved forms should then be submitted to Student Services as above. 

The enrolment sessions will take place:

Monday 22 January: 11.00-1.00pm in Trent C66 (Self Access Centre)

Wednesday 24 January: 11.00-1.00pm in Trent C66

Friday 26 January: 11.00-1.00pm in Trent C66

(International/Erasmus students)

Wednesday 31 January:  1.30-4.30pm in Trent C55

Students who do not attend one of the above sessions cannot be guaranteed a place. Please take along the timetable of your core modules to avoid clashes when choosing a language group.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please note: if you have already registered for a Spring language module during the Autumn module enrolment period, you do not need to re-enrol or attend a new enrolment session.    

Details of these modules are available from;

How do I find out about the modules I should be
choosing from?

The best source of information and guidance is your home School or Department.  You can find guidance about the modules you can choose in the Programme Catalogue for your course and details of the modules themselves in the Module Catalogue.

At this stage in the session a large number of modules will already be full. This information will be available in Service Centres and on the main Student Services website during the change of mind period.

How can I check that I am correctly enrolled on
the modules I chose?

It is your responsibility to check that your student record contains the correct information. You will be able to see your choices through the Modules screen in Blue Castle once enrolments have been put on to your student record.


What happens if I do not complete a Module Change form

If you do not want to change any of your existing choices you do not need to complete a form. Your original choices as showing in Blue Castle will stand.


Does submitting the form mean my choices are approved?

No. On receipt of your form, Service Centre staff will check that your choices are allowable as part of your programme of study and check that spaces are still available on the module. If everything is approved, they will make the changes on the system and your timetable will be updated accordingly. You will be emailed to your university account if the change is not able to be approved.

What is a compulsory or core module?

A module which is described as either compulsory or core is a module which must be taken by all the students on that programme of study.

What is a restricted optional module?

A restricted optional choice is when students have some choice in the module taken but from a limited, prescribed list of modules. This could be what is described as ‘alternative’ list (i.e. take either from list one or from list two) or a ‘restricted’ list (i.e. select X modules from this list or lists).

What is an optional or free choice module?

Some students will be able to select modules which are free choice; although the module selection must still be agreed by both the offering School and your home School or Department to ensure it is appropriate for you and your programme of study.

I am a new Exchange student. Is the process the same for me?

If you are a new student here for one semester, your School should have already been in contact with you about your choices. If this is not the case, please come to your local Service Centre where you can pick up a module entry form to make your choices.





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