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Module enrolment

2016-17 Module enrolment and change of mind period

Your programme may allow you some choice about the modules that you study. You will need to confirm your optional module choices for the year at the start of the academic session. 

You will have the opportunity to change your choices for the Spring semester in January and to make preliminary choices for the following year in April.

New students

You will need to complete a module entry form with details of your selection. Submitting this form doesn't guarantee you a place; enrolment on any module is subject to timetabling and course requirements.

To help you make your choices, module enrolment events will be taking place during Week One. Staff will be on hand to provide advice and guidance about your options and your module entry form will be available for you.

You should also check the online Module Catalogue to see what modules are available in 2016/17 and the Programme Structure to find more details about your course. 

Your compulsory modules will already be printed on the form so you need only add details of optional modules. Read the guidelines on the reverse of the module entry form to help you to complete it. It is your responsibility to ensure that your choice of modules conform to University Regulations and the regulations for your course. Also check that your personal details and course details are correct before submitting your form.

You should submit your form at the enrolment event during Week One so that your Individual Student Teaching Timetable can be produced for you as soon as possible. Making your choices at this time will improve your chances of being able to take the modules you've chosen. You will still have the option to change your choices after this date (see Change of mind period below). Staff at the enrolment events will be able to provide more details about this.

The absolute deadline for submitting your module entry form is Thursday 13 October. Please be aware that leaving it until this date could reduce your module choices as classes may already be full or timetabling restrictions might mean your combination of choices isn't possible. If you do not hand in your module enrolment form by the final deadline it may not be possible to approve your choices at a later date and could affect your entry for the January examination.

Staff will check that your choices are appropriate and your place on a module will be confirmed or you will be contacted if you need to make an alternative choice or fulfil further requirements to enrol.

Change of mind period

You can change your mind about module options in the first two weeks of term. This applies to both new and returning students. 

If you want to request a change your module choices, you must complete a module entry change of mind form. Change of mind forms should be submitted to a Student Service Centre by Thursday 13 October at the latest. Again, staff will check that your choices are appropriate and your place on a module will be confirmed or you will be contacted if you need to make an alternative choice or fulfil further requirements to enrol. 

Confirmation of module choices

The submission of a module entry form or a change of mind form does not mean that you are guaranteed a place on the module(s) you have selected. 

You will be able to view the modules onto which you have been enrolled through your Individual Student Teaching Timetable and through the Module screen in Blue Castle from Monday 24 October. 

Exceptional module amendment

After the change of mind period, changes to module enrolments will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances. Further details, including an exceptional amendment form which must be completed, are available in the Quality Manual

Any questions?

Check the FAQ page to see if your query is answered there. Otherwise, please contact a Student Service Centre where staff will be able to help you. 


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