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Online Registration Declaration

When completing online registration you will be asked to confirm your agreement to the following statements:

Details of your rights and responsibilities as a student are available in the Student Charter which you should read before completing your registration.

When you accepted our offer you agreed, as part of the student contract, to obey the Regulations and Ordinances of the University which are in force during your period of study.  By completing your registration you are confirming your agreement to the following statements, reaffirming your acceptance of the terms of the Student Contract (Entry 2017) and confirming that you have read relevant documents which include those governing the payment of fees and other sums due to the University, attendance, conduct and progress in studies.

• I undertake to obey the Ordinances and Regulations of the University of Nottingham which are in force at the time of my period of study.

• I understand and accept that satisfactory conduct and progress in studies and the payment of all fees or other sums due to the University as and when required by Regulations will at all times be a condition of registration.

• I agree to undertake all of the study activities required by my course(s), to pursue these diligently and to take all required assessments/examinations at the prescribed time.

• I also acknowledge that I have responsibilities to the communities of Nottingham in which I am resident and undertake to act with consideration and respect for the welfare and interests of my fellow students and members of the wider community.

• I consent to the University processing my personal details in accordance with the University's data protection statement and in accordance with current data protection legislation.

• I agree that work produced by me for assessment may be submitted to turn it in text recognition software and material retained in the database for the length of the service agreement between the University of Nottingham and IParadigms LLC.

• I confirm that any information about myself that I supply to the University, or am asked to confirm, is accurate and complete, particularly in respect of my qualifications.

• I undertake to inform the University of any circumstances that may affect my ability to study or be registered as a student, including criminal convictions.

• I have read and understand the University’s statement on the provision and processing of Intellectual Property Rights for students and graduates.

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