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How to Apply

Our Accommodation Services team are on hand to help you find your perfect home for your first year, with online applications opening on 1 March. If you have any queries not addressed in our online information then contact us 

Ensure you have reviewed your accommodation options and understand the criteria of the accommodation guarantee. 

Once you have firmly accepted your offer (conditional or unconditional) at The University of Nottingham you can apply for accommodation from 9.00am on 1 March 2017 onwards.  

Apply Online

You will need your UCAS Personal Number to access the online form and complete registration.  Please note that insurance students can only apply for accommodation once they have a Firm offer.

You will be required to make a selection based on the following preferences:

    • Location (including the option to select zones for University Park)
    • Room Type
    • Catered/self-catered
    • Cost
    • Contract length 
Waiting Lists
  • University Park En-suite and En-suite Plus rooms (all zones) are now fully allocated and we are no longer able to accept waiting list applications.  We still have En-suite availability at Jubilee Campus and this room type is charged at the same rate as a Shared Bathroom Plus on University Park
  • Our University Park shared bathroom and shared bathroom plus options are now fully allocated (where you share your bathroom with one other student of the same gender). Following A Level results we may have further availability for this room type and therefore you can request to be added to the Shared Bathroom Waiting List via our online form. Requests will be considered for both Shared Bathroom and Shared Bathroom Plus rooms across all zones following A Level results.
  • Please note that you can only be placed on the Shared Bathroom Waiting List for University Park if your next preference is a room type on University Park or Jubilee Campus.  If your next preference is a self-catered site we will be unable to add you to our waiting list.
  • Upon receipt of your application you will automatically be allocated to your next available room type preference and sent an offer, however your name will be added to our waiting list to be reviewed after A Level results are released in August. Further information on the waiting list will be sent to you in early August so you know what to expect.
  • Our Waiting Lists are dealt with in date order with the exception of requests which are deemed medical priorities (supporting documentation may be required)


Once you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email and will receive further details of your accommodation offer within four weeks.  

You will need to accept your licence/tenancy agreement and terms and conditions which include your full liability for all fees (subject to registering as a full time student at The University of Nottingham).  If you are conditional and do not get the grades you need you will automatically be released from your liability.

Rooms are allocated by date order and we therefore recommend you apply as soon as you can once you have firmly accepted your offer with the University.  Please allow 24 hours after accepting with UCAS before registering on our online portal.



How to apply





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