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Field work and field trips

Practical archaeology opportunities

Nottingham students gain off-campus practical experience in the following ways:

  • Field work
  • Field trips

You will have an unforgettable experience, and who knows what you might find!

The world is your oyster if you come to Nottingham because the training here is so good and it's such a respected university that they're quite happy to take the students here on outside digs.

Hillery Harrison (BA Archaeology) 


Revolutionising our understanding of Southwell 

Nottingham students have the chance to participate in 'Digging the Peculiar': the Southwell Archaeology Project



Field work

Field work is usually carried out during the summer vacation and involves participation in an approved excavation. You are free to choose the project, although many students prefer to work on an excavation organised by a member of staff.

At present, staff have field projects in

  • Italy 
  • Denmark
  • Turkey
  • South Africa 
  • Greece
  • Bulgaria  
  • Britain


Field trips

Field trips (as distinct from field work) can vary in length between one day and one week. Day trips may involve visits to local and national museums, or local archaeological sites. The longer trips include visits to Hadrian’s Wall and to early Christian sites in Ireland.


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