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Sensing Divinity: Incense, religion and the ancient sensorium conference

Call for Papers for this conference which will explore the history of a medium that has occupied a pivotal role in Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian religious tradition: incense.

Encounters: Writers and Translators in Conversation

B2 Hemsley, University Park Campus
We are very happy and proud to announce that our very own Phd student Olivia Hellewell has translated a Slovene novel by author Jela Krecic, entitled None like her ('Ni druge'), into English. Jela Krecic and Olivia Hellewell will come together in front of an audience to read from and discuss Jela's debut novel in English translation, allowing an insight into the working relationship between author and translator, as well as discussing practical and theoretical aspects of translation.

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