Useful Links & Resources for Schools

This is a collection of useful links with resources that can be used by schools for astronomy illustrations.
While we find these links useful and can recommend their use, we are not responsible for their content nor experts in their use.

Greenwich observatory offers a good collection of links, help for astronomy facts and classroom resources for schools and all key stages

Galaxy Zoo - Contribute to the forefront of scientific research by helping to classify galaxies. For more fun science projects, or to create your own, visit the Zooniverse.

Sixty Symbols - A youtube project with many good science videos, run by Brady Haran and the Physics Department at the University of Nottingham

Deep Sky Videos - another channel by Brady Haran that features a video for every Messier object. Astronomy at its best.

Scales of the Solar system - illustrates the relative scales of the solar system. Lots of scrolling involved.

Experience the Planets - Very educational page about the planets and the solar system

The Solar System Song - suitable for younger kids.

Resources for schools - Download sheets for classes, from astronomy word search to charts to observe the Moon cycle. They also have a pay section with more materials.

Our place in the universe on a VERY big scale

Scale of the universe - similar to the above

Size comparison of objects in the universe. Mindboggling!

Monty Python Galaxy Song - There’s an amazing amount of astronomical facts in this song.

Chromoscope - A nice tool for understanding the different wavelengths, looking at the Milkyway

Stellarium - Free Astronomy Software

WorldWide Telescope - brilliant online astronomy tool

Hubble UDF - The most important image ever taken

Hubble Gallery - a gallery of nice Hubble images

Astronomy Picture of the day - one great astronomy picture (and explanation) every day.