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Exploring A. flavus alpha-amylase as drug target in fungal crop infection

The student will rotate in the collaborating groups to provide a comprehensive starting point for the PhD. The aim is to use the training phase to familiarise the student with techniques that are going to be used in the project

Improving natural pesticides: improving entomopathogenic fungi as biological controls

In this project, you will investigate the immune modulating effects of extracts from a selection of anti-inflammatory fungi by culturing cells, exposing them to extract and measuring their responses using reporter genes, RNA isolation and RT-qPCR and western blotting.

Using nanotechnology to understand auxin metabolism in adventitious roots

The training project would offer the student the opportunity work across the Schools of Pharmacy and Biosciences. The first part of the training rotation would be to learn the methods and techniques to make and characterise nanoparticles capable of delivering a payload within plant cuttings
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