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French Partnership: Cellolytic Clostridium acetobutylicum by repairing Cel48A

The goal of this proposal is to assemble a combined enzymatic system that will allow two sequential reactions to take place in flow. This system will generate amines from alcohols via a carbonyl intermediate. Amines are key functional groups of numerous intermediates for pharma and agrochemical applications, and enzymatic synthesis will offer a 'green' alternative to traditional methodologies. To overcome the limitations of mesophilic enzymes such as low stability in organic solvents, a novel system will be based on two halophilic biocatalysts that offer remarkable stability and excellent substrate scope. Both enzymes (HvADH2 and HvAAT1) are from the halophilic archaeon Haloferax volcanii. HvADH2 is exceptionally tolerant to organic solvents, has an unusually broad substrate scope, and shows enhanced stability upon covalent immobilization.

Optimisation and quality control of the production of anti-inflammatory compounds by Cordyceps militaris

In this project you will profile the gene expression of cell lines treated with different batches of fungal extract and correlate these profiles with metabolomics profiles of the extracts. You will use bioinformatics and mathematical modelling to determine which metabolic "finger prints" correlate with apparent therapeutic and adverse effects on cells.
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