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Christina Vimala Supramaniam

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science



Dr Christina Supramaniam obtained her PhD in Molecular Plant Pathology from the University of Nottingham. Her research focuses on the epidemiology, molecular interaction, and biological control of Ganoderma basal stem rot (BSR) disease in oil palm. Dr Christina is an Assistant Professor at the School of Biosciences, and a member of the Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research (CESPOR) at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia. Prior to joining the University, Dr Christina was the Head of the Research Division at an International Biotechnology company and was a principle scientist for field trials to determine the efficacy of organic waste compost to improve soil microbial populations in oil palm plantations. She has vast experience working on microbial communities in diverse oil palm fields, soil types and manuring program for the suppression of BSR. Dr Christina has published several papers and has been invited to give keynote addresses on Ganoderma disease of oil palm in both local and international conferences. She has won several awards such as the UNMC- CESPOR- Eureka Synergy Research Award in 2015. She has supervised 40 undergraduate research projects and more than 10 postgraduate students. She has also been nominated as an internal examiner for four PhD candidates. Dr Christina is a reviewer for top scientific journals such as Plant Pathology (Wiley), Fungal Biology (Elsevier) and Crop Protection (Elsevier). She is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Agency (HEA) UK and has memberships in the International Society for Plant Pathology and British Society for Plant Pathology.

Expertise Summary

Oil palm- Ganoderma spp. basal stem rot (BSR) disease

Molecular signaling for lignin biosynthesis during plant-pathogen interactions

Molecular diagnostics using qPCR and Sequencing for plant and crop diseases

Bio-formulation of microbial solution for soil and water remediation

Field technical advisory for sustainable production of palm oil

Methano-bacteria and Biogas production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

Teaching Summary

Dr Christina specializes in the teaching and learning of Molecular Plant Pathology, Industrial Biotechnology, Microbiology and Commercialization in Biotechnology. These courses provide knowledge in… read more

Research Summary

Principle Investigator:

2016-2019: Fertilizer (FLOF) amended with mix cultures of Trichoderma spp. to control basal stem rot diseases in oil palm (Industrial grant)

2015: Bio-formulation of effective microorganism for the production of oil palm EFB-based biofertiliser (Industrial grant)

2013-2014: Quantitative expression of defence response in oil palm during pathogenesis of Ganoderma boninense, causal agent of basal stem rots disease (BSR) (Faculty Grant)

2011-2012: Development of a novel in vitro infection assay for oil palm-Ganoderma host-pathogen interaction system (Faculty Grant)

2008-2010: Efficacy of chitosan for the suppression of growth and production of ligninolytic enzymes by Ganoderma boninense in vitro (Ministry of Agriculture Science Grant)


2017-2018: Leaching trial with control release fertiliser for oil palm (Industrial grant)

2015-2017: The role of mussels in Malaysian freshwaters: towards the protection of species and their functions (FRGS, MOE)

2008-2011: Development of novel edible coatings from natural products for enhancing the storage life of tropical fruits (Ministry of Agriculture Science Grant)

2008-2010: The potential of palm oil as a natural penetration enhancer in transdermal therapeutic systems (MOSTI)

2007-2009: Percutaneous permeation of palm oil using human skin (MOSTI)

Dr Christina specializes in the teaching and learning of Molecular Plant Pathology, Industrial Biotechnology, Microbiology and Commercialization in Biotechnology. These courses provide knowledge in applied microbiology, molecular diagnostics for plant diseases, industrial production of microbial products and technical and commercial aspects of Biotechnology entrepreneurship. She has been a convenor for Undergraduate Research Projects in Biosciences and Chair for Undergraduate Research Symposium between 2012 and 2017. Dr Christina teaches in the following modules:

BIOS 3080 Commercialization in Biotechnology

BIOS 2058 Industrial Biotechnology

BIOS 3062 Environmental Biotechnology

BIOS 2045 Introductory Plant Pathology

BIOS 3052 Molecular Plant Pathology

BIOS 1033 Microbial Physiology

Future Research

  1. Quality and Quantity analyses of lignin in Ganoderma infected oil palms.
  2. Microbiome Project : Spatial and temporal analyses of rhizosphere microbiome for disease suppression in oil palm (International collaborations)
  3. Promotion of Sustainable Value Chain of Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia (International collaborations)

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