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Food Sciences

Our research encompasses all levels of food and beverage production contributing to understanding and controlling quality and safety, starting with raw materials though processing to consumer preference and subsequent effects on the body. We have established industry links with large multinationals and small local manufacturers. We are internationally renowned for research on the fundamental understanding of food structure and flavour delivery and its perception.




International expertise also exists in understanding the behaviour of microbial pathogens and spoilage organisms, developing methods for their control and improvement of fermented products through understanding of microbial performance.

In Food Sciences a range of scientific expertise is applied to explore and improve our understanding of food and beverage production at all levels, with much of our work directly linking with industry. Expertise in biomaterials centres on the development of novel materials and processing technologies and the understanding of materials’ properties, including their impact on flavour delivery. Sensory science has developed the concepts of multimodal perception and the evidence for cross modal taste-aroma interactions.

The National Centre for Macromolecular Hydrodynamics provides fundamental molecular characterisation of large macro molecules of biomedical and industrial importance. Microbiological and molecular biological research spans work on understanding molecular mechanisms of pathogen behaviour, including interaction with the host and persistence in a range of environments, to interventions for microbial control across the food chain.

Improving the production of fermented products includes work on the role of non-starter microorganisms in determining fermented food quality and we are a centre of excellence for brewing technologies and research, researching novel process developments targeted towards increased sustainability, efficient resource usage and minimising waste or effluents. Expertise in fermentation and materials processing also contribute to an understanding of biofuel production as part of the Bioenergy programme.


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