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Professor Simon Mosey - Teaching styles must differ

Professor Simon Mosey

Professor Simon Mosey

Western business schools have a crucial role to play in China, says Professor Simon Mosey.

In his Financial Times Soapbox article, Professor Mosey argues that there may be important differences in learning styles between China and the west.  These variations, he says, result from the differences between collectivist education systems, like those found in China, and western individualist systems. Collectivist education systems, which emphasise rote-based learning, have often been criticised of restricting creativity. Western systems, by contrast, are said to encourage freedom and self autonomy.  

As a consequence Chinese students may struggle when using unfamiliar western styles of learning to develop entrepreneurial skills. Professor Mosey, who is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Nottingham University Business School, goes on to state that western institutions should acknowledge these differences when educating Chinese students.

“To guard against this failing, an entrepreneurial education that is more grounded in ‘concrete experience’ is needed. Any such experience could include visits to industrial zones and innovation parks, expert mentoring that stresses positives rather than reinforcing negatives, creative problem-solving based around teamwork and the synthesis of opposing ‘learning styles’. It is activities such as these that inspire in students a belief in one’s own aptitude for achieving tasks and reaching goals.”

According to Professor Mosey, business schools that do not recognise these differences are failing to meet the needs of its Chinese students.

Professor Simon Mosey’s Financial Times Soapbox Article

Posted on Tuesday 19th March 2013




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