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Innovation Management

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Simon Mosey

Module Content:
What is Innovation Management? - definitions and models of the process; Innovation Strategy; the national and competitive environment; innovation processes within mulitinational firms; innovation processes within large public sector organisations; the systems of innovation specific to small high technology firms; : Management techniques for innovation – shared vision, effective team working and a creative climate; Learning from Markets – marketing technological and complex products and learning through alliances; Integration of Approaches – Key themes, learning to manage and measure innovation and through the group presentations - Appraisal of innovation management within different organisations

Module Aims:
The module aims to develop an understanding of the management of innovation from a number of perspectives. It is designed to:

Examine innovation from an industrial perspective, showing how innovations of product, process and organisational structure can create and destroy markets

Focus on innovation from an organisational perspective, showing how innovation can create and sustain a powerful competitive advantage
Highlight the managerial perspective, illustrating the skills and systems required to maintain innovation within different organisations and markets.

Module Assessment:
Individual report (3,000 words) (70%); Presentation (Group) (15 minutes including Q&A) (30%)

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