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Ethics, Governance and Risk

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Module Convenor:  Simon Bishop

Module Content:
This module considers current issues about governance, ethics and risk in the health care sector, and places recent approaches to these in a longer historical and broader social context. The course contents will reflect current concerns in health policy, and will have a focus on the UK context. The module will include an examination of concepts of governance; current developments in NHS governance; the challenges presented by innovative health technologies; and the imperatives driving new developments in research ethics.

Module Aims:
1. To examine some of the key developments and challenges related to ethics, governance and risk in contemporary health policy.
2. To offer an overview of key approaches to ethics, governance and risk in the social science literature.
3. To explore the inter-relationships between these sets of issues -governance, ethics, risk- via specific cases and case studies from the health sector in the UK.

Module Assessment:
Coursework essay (3,000 words) (70%); Individual case presentation (15 mins incl Q & A) (30%)

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