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Supply Chain and Operations Strategy and Practice

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Christos Braziotis

Module Content:
Module content is divided into three major parts.

(1) Strategy – Context of supply chain and operations strategy. The range of strategic decisions within and between operations. The impact of competition on operations and supply chains. Supply chain strategies for coordination and integration. Collaborative forecasting, planning and replenishment. Strategic perspectives of operations in the virtual and extended enterprises.

(2) Performance measurement – Concept and importance of performance measurement within supply chain and operations management. Financial, non-financial, single and multi-factor measures. Approaches and techniques for developing customer facing and internal measures including Balanced Scorecard and Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model. Selection and application of key performance indicators. Importance of intra and inter-organisational benchmarking and approaches to target setting.

(3) Current Practice – Current supply chain management, logistics, and operations management approaches in specific industries/sectors. Pertinent issues and drivers of change in practicing supply chain and operations management.

Module Aims:
The module aims to give an in-depth coverage of supply chain and operations management in the context of contemporary operations, taking into account the major competitive drivers. The module addresses the scope, impact and importance of supply chain and operations management and the major decisions that need to be made in today's world of global supply and global markets, by using the appropriate strategic frameworks. This module aims to give participants an understanding of productivity on the intra and inter-organisational level, and of the analytical skills (concept, tools and techniques) to achieve incremental and step changes in performance to realise the strategic intents: the skills to develop and apply work standards in manufacturing and service planning and control, and the knowledge and understanding to design performance systems considering the competitive forces. Finally, the module aims to provide insights on supply chain and operation management practices and approaches in a wide range of industry/sector contexts.

Module Assessment:
2 Hour Examination (70%); Group Coursework (3,000 words) (30%)

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