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Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs

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Module Convenor:  Douglas Howcroft

Module Content:
Successful entrepreneurship is dependent on the successful management of money. This involves two fundamental activities. This first is the ability to attract finance to fund entrepreneurship activities and growth, and the second is the ability to manage that finance properly. It is rarely the case that entrepreneurs will have sufficient personal funds to develop a business without resorting to external providers of finance. This module will therefore examine how entrepreneurs might finance their venture, how they should interact with investors, and the issues involved in doing so. As a precursor to this however, financiers will want evidence that an entrepreneur can effectively and successfully manage the money they might receive from an investor. Accordingly, the first part of the module examines internal accounting procedures to demonstrate accountability to external stakeholders.

Module Aims:
An entrepreneur's competence and understanding in issues of accounting and raising finance is fundamental to business planning. This module aims to provide students with:
(1) an understanding of basic accounting principles and analysis,
(2) an understanding of the various sources of finance available to entrepreneurs,
(3) an appreciation of how to approach and manage different types of investors.

Module Assessment:
2 Hour Examination (100%) (100%)

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