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Managing Service Operations

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Programme: Undergraduate

Module Code: N12812

Semester: Autumn

Convenor: Kulwant Pawar

Credits & Level: 10 credits; Level 2

Pre-requisites: N11801 (Managing Operations in the Digital Enterprise) OR.

Co-requisites: N12815 (Strategic Operations Management).

Target Students: Available to all students with the required co-requisite N12815 (Strategic Operations Management) OR pre-requisite N11801 (Managing Operations in the Digital Enterprise) or who have a general appreciation of production and operations management.

Delivery: 11 ninety minute lectures; 2 sixty minute seminars

Assessment: One 1.5 hour examination (70%); One individual piece of courswork (1,500 words) (30%)

Exam Format:Answer THREE questions. Paper to contain FIVE questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Summary of Content Service activities, such as education, health, insurance and banking are becoming more and more important. The GDP and employment of most of the developed countries are dominated by the service sector. Hence there has been a tremendous growth in the number of service organisations. In fact, several companies traditionally involved only in manufacturing are also beginning to include service components in their product offering. This module will include topics that will help students to appreciate the growing importance of services, and understand the operations function in service industries. The following topics will be covered:
The importance of services in today's economy.
Unique features of services.
The concept of service package.
Design of service operations.
Customer expectations, perceptions and the management of service quality.
Creating and developing new services.
Role of technology.
Service supply chain.
Management of capacity and demand.
Growth and globalisation of services.

The ideas and concepts will be illustrated using appropriate examples and case studies.

Aims This module aims to:
1. Illustrate the growing importance of services in today's economy.
2. Provide an appreciation of the issues involved in managing the operations function of service organisations.
3. Highlight the differences between the traditional goods manufacturing and service organisations.

Key Words: Designing; Planning; Organisation; Service Operations.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Knowledge and understanding
This module develops a knowledge and understanding of:
  • The management of customer expectations, relationships and development of service excellence
  • The management of the supply chain
  • The management of quality systems
  • The different approaches for segmentation, targeting, positioning, generating sales and the need for innovation in product and service design
  • The design and development of products and services.
    The management of operations.
    Balancing capacity and demand.
Intellectual skills
This module develops:
  • The ability to analyse facts and circumstances to determine the cause of a problem and identifying and selecting appropriate solutions
Transferable (key) skills
This module develops:
  • Articulating and effectively explaining information
  • The ability to plan, organise and conduct an interview with a key decision maker in a service organisation.

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