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Contemporary Issues in Accounting

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Programme: Undergraduate

Module Code: N13905

Semester: Autumn

Convenor: Carolyn Isaaks

Credits & Level: 20 Credits, Level 3

Pre-requisites: None.

Co-requisites: None.

Target Students: Only available to year 4 BSc Accountancy students

Assessment: One 2-hour examination (70%); Group presentation of research topic (30%)

Exam Format:The examination will consist of two sections
Section A - a compulsory question in the area of Finance unseen
Section B - a choice of 2 questions from 5 questions pre-seen

Summary of Content The module will consist of a range of topical issues from accounting, finance and taxation which build upon the knowledge gained in these areas in the degree so far.

Aims Professional accreditation tends to limit the earlier syllabus in these areas of the BSc Accountancy to a set body of material that is underpinned by current regulations in force. This will be an opportunity to look at practitioner-led research and development to complement the core taught modules so far studied and to undertake research into relevant material.
Students will develop research and presentation skills.

Key Words: Contemporary issues; financial reporting; taxation; management accounting

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Knowledge and understanding
This module develops a knowledge and understanding of:
  • The dynamic and changing nature of business and the consideration of the future of organisations within the global business environment, including the management of risk
  • The sources, uses and management of finance
  • The use of accounting and other information systems for planning, control, and decision making
  • The use of accounting and other information systems for managing financial risk
  • The development of appropriate policies and strategies within a changing environment to meet stakeholder interests
Intellectual skills
This module develops:
  • Conceptual and critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and evaluation
Professional practical skills
This module develops:
  • People management, to include communications, team building, leadership and motivating others
Transferable (key) skills
This module develops:
  • Communication and listening including the ability to produce clear, structured business communications in a variety of media
  • Self-management and a readiness to accept responsibility and flexibility, to be resilient, self-starting and appropriately assertive, to plan, organise and manage time
  • Articulating and effectively explaining information
  • Building and maintaining relationships

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