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Student support

We provide our students with significant academic and personal support to complement their educational and social experience at Nottingham.

When you join Nottingham University Business School you will find an outstanding range of facilities and resources.

There is a Student Services Centre on each campus that provides a one-stop service for all students. Comprehensive support and access to a variety of academic and personal issues, from fees and finance, student administration, disability issues, careers and more are available.



Support at the Business School

Every undergraduate student has a personal tutor who is a member of the Business School faculty. Tutors give students guidance and advice on academic matters or any issues related to their studies.

The Business School offers additional specialist support for undergraduate students to develop skills that enhance your employability prospects and support your studies. Our Skills and Development Manager, Jackie Andrews, is responsible for:

  • supporting our students with their transition into working independently at university
  • the Professional Development in Leadership and Management Programme that all first year Business School students take alongside their degree to develop key skills
  • individual and/or small group student consultations for general guidance on academic and professional development
  • supporting the professional accreditation that several of our courses include

Jackie is also the University Advisor for the Enactus Nottingham team, 2016  National competition winners.

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