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Study abroad

Studying abroad provides a fantastic opportunity for you to gain a valuable life experience, learn about new cultures and enhance your CV.

We have a long tradition of supporting our students who study abroad and welcoming students from other institutions.

Overseas study is a key part of most of the Business School's undergraduate programmes. You can either spend a whole year abroad, or one semester. In addition, students are able to apply to a Summer School outside of their degree programme.


Year abroad

The Business School provides several ways for you to spend a year of study overseas. 

International Management students spend the second year of study at one of our international partners.

If you study Management; Finance, Accounting and Management; or Industrial Economics courses, you have the opportunity to spend all or part of your second year at either of our campuses in China or Malaysia.

Further information on all of these opportunities can be found at the following links:


Semester abroad

You can still benefit from the experience of international study without committing to a whole year abroad. If you study Management, Finance, Accounting and Management or Industrial Economics degrees, you can spend one semester abroad during your second year. You can either go to one of our university-wide partners or our campuses in China or Malaysia.


Summer School

Students can also have the opportunity to experience another country outside of their course by applying to a Summer School.

Further information on Summer Schools can be found on the International Office Summer School web page


What our students say

The opportunity to study abroad is often the highlight of a student's university career.

"I jumped into studying abroad with no idea what to expect. I had never left Europe, so Asia was a whole new ballgame. Induction was just like first year, except with such a vibrant community full of international students. It still has me wondering how people from such different cultures are so similar, and the friends I have made definitely made my year. The extra grant money and reimbursed flights meant I had a lot more disposable income to travel around Asia - on weekends, in holidays and after my studies. Make the most of the opportunity, this is your chance to travel and see the world without having to save for months." Holly Hickman (Industrial Economics – Studied for a full-year at the Malaysia Campus)
"Spending a semester abroad at the Ningbo Campus was the most amazing opportunity of my university experience so far. Being able to study the same modules as I would in the UK but also being able to spend my weekends relaxing in the Ninghai Hot Springs, hiking in the Wulongtan Scenic Resort and visiting Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai was definitely a change of scenery from Nottingham! Not only this, I now have a number of international friends from all over the world who I am still in contact with today. This experience has enabled me to become a more independent traveller, allowed me to experience a new culture and gain memories that will last a lifetime." Alisha Dhami (Finance, Accounting and Management – Studied for one semester at the Ningbo Campus, China)
"Make the most of your degree and go abroad, you won’t regret it." Liam Gannon (International Management – Studied for a full-year at McGill University, Canada)
"Studying abroad provided me with such a variety of new experiences and new skills.  I would recommend everyone to do it!" Ambika Sharma (International Management – Studied for a full year at the University of Valencia, Spain)
"International Management gave us the chance to explore new environments and cultures, seek new opportunities, travel and make new friends.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our year abroad and would highly recommend it." Karan Shah and Ugam Sheth (International Management – Studied for a full-year at McGill University, Canada)



Funding your time abroad

Financial support is available to allow you to study abroad as part of your course at Nottingham University Business School.

Support includes:

  • reduced tuition fees
  • an ERASMUS grant for students studying in Europe
  • a Vice Chancellor's Award for International Travel for students who exchange to certain universities within the university-wide exchange programme
  • a means-tested International Office Travel Bursary
  • additional funding from the Student Loans Company
  • a number of scholarships specific to certain institutions


Please see the Exceptional Fees and the Financing Study Abroad Factsheet for further information on the financial incentives available



Study abroad contacts

Dr Michelle Haynes

Head of International Study

Ms Alison Sinclair

University-wide exchange Co-ordinator




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