CEC Series
Culture, Economics and Cities
The University of Nottingham

With a great part of the world population living in our contemporary cities, and a constant upward trend towards urbanisation, scientists need to integrate disperse knowledge and face the new challenges posed to cities’ sustainable development during these times of global economic crisis.

The Conference Series aims to gather scholars working at the boundaries of various disciplines such as:

  •  economics
  •  regional science
  •  planning
  •  tourism
  •  conservation
  •  architecture

Which provide a strong emphasis on the economic and cultural dimensions of cities sustainable development.

A series of workshops, PhD Summer Schools and International conferences will be organised by the Chairs and the Faculty of CEC, and being advertised on this website.

We aim to create a forum for discussions on specific transdisciplinary challenges related to the conservation of urban cultural heritage and to explore new approaches to the economic evaluation of the contribution of cultural processes in regional economic development.

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Culture, Economics and Cities Series

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