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In addition to research papers and journal articles, members of the Network also regularly publish other academic texts including books, manuals and reports. Below is a list of recent titles.

Transnational Families, Migration and Gender

Elisabetta Zontini (2010) Transnational families, migration and gender - Moroccan and Filipino women in Bologna and Barcelona. New Directions in Anthropology.

By linking the experiences of immigrant families with the increased reliance on cheap and flexible workers for care and domestic work in Southern Europe, this study documents the lived experiences of neglected actors of globalization - migrant women - as well as the transformations of Western families more generally. However, while describing in detail the structural and cultural contexts within which these women have to operate, the book questions dominant paradigms about women as passive victims of patriarchal structures and brings out instead their agency and the creative ways in which they take control of their lives in often difficult circumstances. Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork and interviews, the author offers a valuable dual comparison between two Southern European countries on the one hand and between two migrant groups, one Christian and one Muslim, on the other, thus bringing to light unique detailed data on migration decision-making, settlement and on the multiple ways in which different women cope with the consequences of their transnational lives.

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Listening to Children and Young People

Sarah Redsell and Adrian Hastings (2010) Listening to Children and Young People in Healthcare Consultations.

The involvement of children and young people in consultations about aspects of their health or illness is often limited, with their role in diagnosis and decision-making on treatment options secondary to that of parents or carers. However, research shows that most children and young people want greater involvement, that this can both improve their understanding of their illness and positively influence healthcare outcomes. Policy recommendations increasingly require health professionals to involve children and young people in healthcare, but there is little available guidance on building the knowledge and skills needed to do so effectively. This book meets that need, including an overview of the particular issues involved and providing structured guidance for different types of consultations, including children with learning difficulties, disabled children and children as carers. Edited by eminent researchers, and with highly experienced contributors, this book is an invaluable resource for GP's and GP registrars, paediatric and emergency consultants and specialist registrars, nurses, paramedics, healthcare educators and trainees, and all those who work with children and young people in health-related contexts.

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 Children caring for parents with HIV and AIDS

Ruth Evans and Saul Becker (2009) Children caring for parents with HIV and AIDS: Global issues and policy responses.

This ground-breaking book focuses on the experiences and perspectives of children and young people who care for a parent with HIV in the global North and South. Drawing on in-depth qualitative research from the UK and Tanzania, the book presents a unique insight into the similarities and differences in children's and parents' experiences across diverse socio-economic, cultural and welfare contexts. The book makes a significant contribution to the growing research evidence on children and young people with caring responsibilities ('young carers') and the impacts of HIV and AIDS on families globally. It examines caring relationships within families affected by HIV and AIDS; the outcomes of caregiving; children's and families' resilience; the factors influencing whether children become involved in care work; and local and global policy responses. It also provides insight into the perspectives of parents living with HIV and service providers working with families. This book will be of interest to policy makers and practitioners in the field of HIV and AIDS, and to researchers, academics and students concerned with international development, social policy, human geography, childhood and youth studies, social work, health and social care, education, children's services and nursing and palliative care.

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Perspectives on Palliative Care for Children and Young People

Rita Pfund and Susan Fowler-Kerry (2010) Perspectives on Palliative Care for Children and Young People - a Global Discourse. 

Advances in medical science and technology are saving the lives of more children worldwide than ever. Some survive and live out a normal life expectancy, others have a life-limiting/life-threatening diagnosis where death may come early, and still others will live on well past projected life trajectories into adulthood. With so many different care pathways, children, parents and communities often find themselves facing challenges for which neither they nor their healthcare systems are prepared. This book opens a global discussion of these issues and invites paediatric palliative care professionals, parents and children from around the globe to share their knowledge and experience. It is of interest to palliative care professionals, parents, policy makers and academics and an important move towards ensuring that all children and their families, regardless of geographical location, gender, ethnicity or socio-economic class have equal and guaranteed access to comprehensive paediatric palliative care services.

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