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Talks for Schools

The School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies offers a number of public lectures that are suitable for an audience of students drawn from local schools and colleges.

In addition, schools and colleges can request particular talks in particular fields, and if possible academics will attempt to cater their provision to the students' requirements.

Below are a number of example talks that can be given representing the breadth of the topics available.

Community Outreach

Example talks

American and Canadian Studies


Diplomacy, intelligence and political history

  • Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment
  • The JFK Conspiracies
  • Representations of Gandhi in Britain and America
  • American and British Relations with Contemporary South Asia
  • The CIA in the Developing World
  • The United States and the Death Penalty in the 21st Century
  • The Media, the "War on Terror" and US Foreign Policy
  • The CIA, Intelligence and US Foreign Policy
  • The Cold War
  • America in the World in the 20th Century

Print and visual culture

  • Photographing the American Civil War
  • The Apocalypse in Conemporary America
  • Contemporary US Fiction
  • South Asians in Cinema and Popular Culture
  • Pat Barker and Writing About the First World War
  • Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings
  • The Culture, History and Literature of the American South
  • American Culture in the 1960s
  • Who was Emily Dickenson?
  • World War II and the American Century
  • The Handmaid's Tale and Border Studies
  • Representing 9/11
  • American Independence
  • Life and Society During the American Civil War

Race and rights

  • Slavery in Black Visual Culture
  • African American and Black British Art
  • Black ARtists and World War I
  • Popular Music and American Society
  • The Obama Presidency
  • Immigration and American Identity
  • Martin Luther King's Social Justice Journey
  • Freedom Songs in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Remembering Rosa Parks
  • Martin Luther King in Cultural Memory and Imagination
  • Frederick Douglass in Britain
  • Segregation in the US South
  • Contemporary Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • The Civil Rights Movement in Photographs
  • Antislavery Imagery
  • Photographing Barack Obama
French and Francophone Studies
  • Travel Narratives - French Road Movies
  • Introducing Québec
  • Art and Culture
  • Faites des Enfants!
  • J'accuse (Dreyfus)
  • Translation's Not Just About Words!
  • Multi-ethnic France
  • Introduction to Subtitling
  • Studying French at University - Laurent Cantet's "Entre les Murs"
German Studies
  • Hitler and the Third Reich
  • Media in Germany: 1933-1990
  • German Literature and Poetry: 18th - 21st Century
  • German and Austrian Literature (Vienna c. 1900)
  • Arthur Schnitzler's Reigen: Love and Double Standards in Turn of the Century Vienna
  • German Colonial History
  • Postcolonial Germany Today
  • East German Society and the History of the GDR
  • Everyday Life in Communist East Germany
  • Conformity and Dissent in Communist East Germany
  • Postwar and Contemporary Austrian Literature and Film
  • Postwar Austrian History
  • The Holocaust in Austria
  • German Film (Good Bye Lenin!, Lola Rennt, Das Wunder von Bern, etc)
Russian and Slavonic Studies
  • Putin, Power and the Media: a Survey of the Soviet and Russian Media 1917 - Present
  • Introduction to the Cyrillic Alphabet and Spoken Russian
  • Russian Grammar and Translation
  • The Siege of Leningrad
  • The Rus: Vikings in Russia
  • Introduction to the Serbian Language
  • Yugoslavia in the Second World War
  • Yugoslavia in Communist Eastern Europe 1945 - 1990
  • A Taste of Slovene
  • Symbols of Revolution: Images and Ideology in the Soviet Union and Beyond
  • Introduction to Soviet Censorship
  • Pop Music in Russia
  • Youth Culture in the Soviet Union
  • Russian Slang 1960s - Present
Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
  • Understanding the Cuban Revolution
  • Why is Latin America Suddenly Breaking the Mould: Understanding the "Pink Tide"
  • Who Was Che Guevara?
  • La Casa de Bernarda Alba
  • Lorca: An Introduction
  • La Mitad del Cielo
  • Volver
  • La Flor de Mi Secreto
  • Josefa Óbidos (17th Century Portuguese Painter)
  • The Falklands-Malvinas Legacy
  • Portuguese Language: An Introduction
  • Contemporary Brazil
  • Children Without Parental Care in Brazil
  • 20th Century Latin American Literature
  • Culture, Cinema, Literature and Music in Brazil, Portugal and Lusophone Africa
  • Intercultural Differences Between Spain and the UK
  • El Lenguaje Gestual: Diferencias Interculturales
  • Spanish Language: An Introduction

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