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Yvonne Lee

Assistant Professor in Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting, Faculty of Arts



I received a PhD in Translation Studies from University of Warwick before joining University of Nottingham.

Expertise Summary

Website localization

User-generated translation

Cyberspace translation

Teaching Summary

I am currently teaching bilateral Chinese-English interpreting and practical translation from Chinese into English. I have also given lectures in translation theoy and website translation.

Research Summary

My research interest lies primarily in three areas: website localisation, volunteer/user-generated translation and translator/interpreter training.

In addition to researching and publishing in the above-mentioned areas, I have been working as a translator and public service interpreter since 2002. One of the main areas of my research is website translation, particularly in analyzing websites targeting Greater China, including websites in both Web1.0 and 2.0 environments in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. My most recent project focuses on website translation and the representation of national identity. I am particular interested in the way in which the Internet changes the boundaries of translation practice- concepts such as prosumer, volunteer translation and user-generated translation form the research trajectory of my current study on website translation. I am also interested in the role of sight translation in interpreter training. I am keen to explore the use of written text in interpreting- how interpreters use them to facilitate simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting.

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