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Registration opens for Fate, Luck and Fortune workshop 2

Fate Luck Fortune

Fate, Luck and Fortune workshop 2

Fate, Luck and Fortune Workshop Two, political narratives

How do we think about the future of our environment? Who do we blame when things go wrong?

This is the second workshop of this AHRC-funded network. It will explore how concepts of fate, luck and fortune appear in political and commercial narratives of environmental risk (past and present).

The network is exploring different types of narratives concerned with environmental risk, focusing on the nature and role of the concepts of fate, luck and fortune and their influence on perceptions of agency. It aims not only to develop new understandings of historical contexts, but also to deepen current public and political responses to managing environmental risks.

Speakers at this workshop include: Adam Burgess (Kent University); Simon Gosling (Nottingham); Cho Khong (Chief Political Analyst, Shell Intl); Rafael Ramirez (Director of the Oxford Scenarios Programme, Said Business School, Oxford); John Pullinger (UK National Statistician), Antje Witting (Constanz University)

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Details about the network:
The network is holding three workshops. The first, on March 31st looked at historical narratives. Workshop 2 examines political and commercial narratives. The last (8 September) will look at popular narratives, especially climate fiction, with a guest lecture by Jackson Lears (Rutgers) the previous evening (7 September).

We welcome your participation in any or all of these meetings. Please let us know which are of interest to you, or if you have any comments or questions.
Esther Eidinow (Classics, Nottingham)
Georgina Endfield (Geography, Liverpool)


Posted on Tuesday 23rd May 2017

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