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Studying, socialising, sports and volunteering

As well as studying, our students get involved in all sorts of other activities including playing sports, attending events and volunteering in the community.

Emirali Mustafa, a third year BA Latin student talks us through a week in his life...

Emirali Mustafa, BA Latin student
Classics students Marcus Drew, Emirali Mustafa and Fran Stewart discussing a passage of Lucan in their Latin Special Subject module.


Monday: I head into Uni to see one of my lecturers about an upcoming essay. All staff in the Classics department are incredibly helpful, so I talk through my plan and receive some welcome feedback and much needed encouragement! Afterwards, I have a lecture on the ancient biography of imperial figures, which finishes mid-afternoon, and then I meet a friend at the campus sports facilities for a game of squash. Yet again I don’t win!

Tuesday: I visit the library to grab some books and catch up on my reading. I see some fellow Classics students and we chat about how things are going. The department at Nottingham has a really friendly vibe and most students find extremely good friends as part of their time here.

Wednesday: I have a morning lecture and then I’m off to Beeston Rylands Junior School where I'm a volunteer teacher of their Latin club. I volunteer every week with two other Classics students thanks to the fantastic support from our outreach program NoCOut (Nottingham Classics Out and About). This has been a favourite extracurricular activity of my university life and I highly recommend it (it doesn’t look too bad on the old CV either!).

Emirali volunteers as a teacher of a junior school Latin club

We were teaching the kids about adjectives and nouns when, much to my dismay, one begged me to teach her how to say ‘Harry Styles is stunning’ (which, for anyone wondering, is Harry Styles formosus est!).



Thursday: I have one of my weekly Latin classes - these are easily my favourite lessons. Throughout my time at Nottingham, I’ve been with pretty much the same group of students, and the classes have an amazing atmosphere as we get along really well. We discussed female lament in the Aeneid, which sparked an interesting debate on the position of the feminine within ancient epic. Whilst the topic is extremely interesting, it’s that much better when you can discuss it with genuine friends.

Friday: As a third year, I spend a lot of time doing independent study for my dissertation, so that's on the agenda today. All the research support offered by the department and the library makes this process a lot easier and more enjoyable than I initially feared. In the evening I attend a TedxTalk event organised by students, and listen to amazing guest speakers such as Sir Peter Mansfield.

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