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Bavani Ramayah

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science


Research Summary

Human Computer Interaction, Web accessibility and usability

Selected Publications

  • BAVANI RAMAYAH and AZIZAH JAAFAR, 2017. Analysis of Visually Impaired Users‘ Navigation Techniques in Complex and Non-Complex Layout by Using Spectrum In: 5th International Visual Informatics Conference 2017 (IVIC'17). (In Press.)
  • BAVANI RAMAYAH and AZIZAH JAAFAR, 2015. Understanding The Impact Of Web Layout And Emotional Changes Towards Navigation Behaviour Among Visually Impaired Users Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology. 76(3), 289-295
  • BAVANI RAMAYAH, AZIZAH JAAFAR and NOOR FAEZAH MOHD YATIM, 2014. The Web Navigation Barriers Facing By Blind Users In Social Networking Sites Journal Of Theoretical And Applied Information Technology. Vol.61(2), 304-309
  • BAVANI RAMAYAH, AZIZAH JAAFAR and JESSICA PRICE, 2014. The Impact of Web Page Layout in Navigation Behavior Among Visually Impaired Users In: The Second Visual Informatics International Seminar(VIIS '14) ,UKM. 137-144
  • BAVANI RAMAYAH, AZIZAH JAAFAR and NOOR FAEZAH MOHD YATIM, 2013. Visually Impaired User’s Navigation Experiences in Facebook. In: Third International Visual Informatics Conference, IVIC 2013, Selangor, Malaysia, November 13-15, 2013. Proceedings: Advances in Visual Informatics Springer International Publishing. 788-796
  • BAVANI RAMAYAH, AZIZAH JAAFAR and NOOR FAEZAH YATIM, 2012. A Study of Visually Impaired Users’ Mental Model and Navigation Behavior on News Web Site In: 2nd Annual International Conference on Web Technologies & Internet Applications (WebTech 2012),Bali,Indonesia.
  • BAVANI RAMAYAH, AZIZAH JAAFAR and NOOR FAEZAH YATIM, 2012. Accessibility Issues in Social Network Sites for Blind Users in Malaysia In: Visual Informatics International Seminar 2012 (VIIS’12),UKM,Malaysia.
  • BAVANI RAMAYAH,AZIZAH JAAFAR, NOOR FAEZAH, 2010. A Study on Web Experience among Visually Impaired Users in Malaysia In: International Conference on User Science and Engineering(i-USERr),Shah Alam,Malaysia. 11-15
  • RAJINI KUMAR,BAVANI RAMAYAH, 2009. A Study on Person with Disabilities Act 2008 for Visually Impaired People and Their Rights on Web Accessibility Issues In: Information Communication and Technology Accessibility Seminar. USM.
  • BAVANI, RAJINI KUMAR, 2008. Accessibility of Malaysia Web Sites for Visually Impaired People In: Proceedings of Malaysian Science and Technology Congress Theme Towards Excellence in Science. 109-114

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