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Martin Porcheron

PhD Student, Faculty of Science


Teaching Summary

2015-16 Academic Year
  • G51SYS: Lab demonstrator for a 1st-year module, Systems and Architecture, which covers the implementation of various computing systems work, ranging from ARM assembly through to how the Internet is constructed.
  • G51CSF: Lab demonstrator for a 1st-year module, Computer Fundamentals, which gives a basic understanding of the fundamental architecture of computers and computer networks.
  • G51PGP: Lab demonstrator for a 1st-year module, Programming Paradigms, helping teach the basic principles of the object-oriented and functional approaches to programming, using the languages Java and Haskell.
  • G52CPP: Lab demonstrator for a 2nd-year module, C++ Programming.
  • G53MDP + G54MDP: Lab demonstrator for a 3rd-year and a 4th-year module, both focusing on Mobile Device Programming (specifically, design and implementation of Android applications).

2014-15 Academic Year

  • G51CSA + G51PRG: Tutor/Preceptor, lab demonstrator and exam/coursework marker for two 1st-year modules that introduce Computer Systems Architecture (e.g. binary, logic, ARM etc) and Programming (in C).
  • G52OSC + G52CPP: Lab demonstrator, exam, and coursework marker for two 2nd-year modules, Operating Systems and Concurrency, and C++ Programming.
  • G64ICP + G64IPD: Lab demonstrator for Introduction to a masters-level module, Computer Programming (Python), and a 4th-year module, Introduction to Programming and Development (the latter being the same as the first but with additional content focused on methodologies).

2013/2014 Academic Year

  • G52GUI: Lab demonstrator for 2nd-year module, Graphical User Interfaces, focusing on the design and implementation of GUIs.

Research Summary

My research is focused on mobile device usage in social collocated interactions, with particular focus on understanding the behaviours of the interplay between devices and conversation.

I am based at the Mixed Reality Laboratory in the School of Computer Science, and am supervised by Joel E. Fischer and Sarah Sharples.

Recent Publications

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