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Horizon Digital Economy Institute

The Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute is a £40 million cross-disciplinary research centre carrying out research into new ways of gaining value from the electronic ‘footprints’ we leave behind whenever we use mobile, internet and other digital technologies. Examples of our areas of investigation and exploration are:

  • Use of digital technologies—to help business and stimulate economic growth
  • Technical developments—for controlling, managing and harnessing electronic information for societal benefit
  • Ethical and business transformation issues—stimulating a public debate on potential concerns over the so-called ‘surveillance society’

The Institute focuses on three key sectors—Creative Industries, Transport and Energy — and specifically examines how the digital footprints we leave behind could be harnessed to transform the way those sectors operate.

The Institute brings together University of Nottingham researchers with backgrounds in computer science, engineering, psychology, business, geography, design, English, film & TV. The Universities of Cambridge, Reading, Exeter and Central Saint Martins are also contributing. In addition, we have input from key external partners including the BBC, Alton Towers, BT, Experian, Jaguar, Oracle, Network Rail, Invensys and the Institute of Practitioners of Advertising; we are also forging important partnerships with the Knowledge Transfer Networks, as well as working with established artist groups such as Blast Theory and Active Ingredient. 


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