School of Computer Science

Intelligent Modelling and Analysis

The Intelligent Modelling & Analysis Research Group (IMA) undertakes research into intelligent modelling and data analysis techniques to enable deeper and clearer understanding of complex physical and physiological problems. A particular strength of the group lies in the bio-medical and security fields where extremely large data volumes have to be analysed in (near) real-time to very high levels of accuracy. Examples of real life scenarios we are working on include:

  • Computer security – e.g. intrusion detection, virus and worm analysis, study of threats by bots and botnets, e.g. key logging, identify theft and denial of service
  • Anomaly Detection- Cargo screening for Human Stowaways on lorries or drugs in cargo containers; understanding if riders are being thrilled or bored on rollercoasters
  • Medical assessment and decision support – e.g. immediate neonatal outcome, pre-cancerous changes in cells, breast cancer prognosis and early detection of Alzheimer's disease and pre-eclampsia
  • Computer Simulation – discrete, continuous and agent-based simulation, e.g. study of the aging in the immune system (can it be boosted?), observing the effectiveness of different management practises on retail productivity in a department store
  • Data mining – extracting knowledge from large datasets (medical diagnosis, bioinformatics, stock market predictions, search engines, recommendation systems


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