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Mixed Reality Laboratory

The Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL) is a dedicated studio facility that hosts a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to explore the potential of digital technologies to shape everyday life. We work closely with industrial and cultural partners to understand how our innovations can be applied to art and performance, games, the home, learning, transportation, healthcare and the environment. One of the concrete outcomes of this process is a number software tools for creative professionals that provide support during the design, implementation and deployment of interactive experiences. Examples of some of the outputs of research are:

  • Location-based media—e.g. location-based games using mobile phones
  • Sensor-based computing—e.g. using wireless biosensors to gather data on thrill and excitement
  • Research and analysis tools—such as the Digital Replay System (DRS), for replaying and analysing combinations of different types of media in an integrated way (available open source)
  • Mixed reality interfaces—e.g. Mixed Reality Architecture, an innovative virtual environment for “always-on” communication

The MRL is fully committed to knowledge exchange with industry through collaborative projects and commercialisation activities. There is also a focus on engaging with the general public through touring performances and installations in science centres, museums and galleries



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