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Networked Systems


The Network Systems Group is dedicated to researching novel developments and applications of networked computer systems. Topics of interest range from traditional (e.g., network monitoring, the Internet of Things), to novel infrastructures (e.g., new cloud computing platforms, domestic information systems), to the application and implications of network systems (e.g., legal implications, addressing digital exclusion). A key element of the work we do is that it is practical, involving concrete implementation, and evaluated through live deployment. We work particularly closely with the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, and the Mixed Reality Lab.

Members of the group have experience in developing, managing and applying research in a range of settings in addition to academic, having worked as developers and consultant roles; worked for, managed and founded industrial research labs; and founded and worked for startups in several different technology fields. We have particular experience with development and exploitation of open source, and we believe strongly in making the code we develop available online.

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