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Associate Professor, School of Politics and International Relations

I have a long-standing interest in the Aristotelian tradition, particularly Aristotle's conception of natural law and its impact on later philosophy and political thought, especially on the ideas of Hegel and Marx. I also have an interest in utopian political thought and literature. I have recently started to research in the area of cosmopolitanism and global justice.

Ben Holland

Lecturer in International Relations, School of Politics and International Relations

I’ve been working in the School since 2010, when I came here from the LSE. I’m an historian of political ideas. I’ve recently completed a book on the political theory of the seventeenth-century legal scholar Samuel von Pufendorf and the impact that his notion of the state had on subsequent political thought. I’m currently working on St Augustine.

Mat Humphrey

Professor of Political Theory, School of Politics and International Relations

I’m currently working on norms of citizen behaviour in democratic societies, looking in particular at 'radical political action' and forms of justification that may tell either for or against it. My other strand of research is in environmental political theory, and in particular the relationship between environmental politics and democratic decision-making.

Zach Hoskins

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

My research and teaching interests are in moral, political, and legal philosophy, in particular the philosophy of the criminal law. I am the co-editor of two books, International Criminal Law and Philosphy (Cambridge, 2010) and The New Philosophy of Criminal Law (Rowman Littlefield International, 2016). I have published articles on topics including the permissibility of criminal punishment and the justification of collateral restrictions on those with criminal records. He is currently working on a book for Oxford University Press on the topic of collateral restrictions.


Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations

My research interests cover Habermasian political thought, post-structuralism, the work of Oakeshott, and republican political theory. I am currently writing a book critiquing the rational self-interested subject of liberal political discourse, provisionally entitled: Agency: The Subject of Politics.

Ian Kidd

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

I’m mainly interested in epistemic oppression and injustice – the ways that distorted knowledge practices can contribute to the oppression of certain social groups – and to the role of epistemic vices, like arrogance and dogmatism, in political and public debate.

Professor of Politics, School of Politics and International Relations

I joined the School in 1996, having previously taught at the Universities of Cambridge, Cardiff and Stirling. I have a long-standing research interest in the problems of social change and the modern state, particularly the welfare state. I am currently working on a history of normative justifications for the existence of private property.

Matthew Rendall

Centre Director; Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations

I have articles forthcoming on the non-identity problem in the Journal of Political Philosophy, and on climate change and intergenerational equity in Political Studies. I'm also interested in lotteries, contractualism and aggregation, the precautionary principle, and nuclear deterrence.

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Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations

I've been teaching political philosophy at Nottingham since 2000. I'm currently working on a book about the marketplace of religious ideas and the appropriate role of the state in damping down religious extremism and religious disobedience.


Assistant Professor, Business School

I joined the Business School at the University of Nottingham in 2016. My areas of research interest are business ethics, professional ethics, and political philosophy, with a particular focus on normative issues. My published work is on the normative foundations of economic theory and I’m currently writing about professionalism and trust.

Aness Webster

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Nottingham. My research interest is in value theory, broadly construed. I’m particularly interested in the lessons we can learn from different branches of normativity (ethics, rationality, epistemology, logic, and the law) as well as action theory. I’ve also developed an interest in social philosophy (including philosophy of race and philosophy of disability).

Chris Woodard

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

I came to Nottingham in 2002. At the moment I'm working on theories of welfare and on utilitarian approaches to issues in moral and political philosophy.



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