MedWise: Teaching, Learning and Assessment


Programme fact file

Programme title: MedWise: Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Qualification: Certificate for Successful Completion of Assessment
Start date: On-line course with no start date
Duration: Study at your own pace
Maximum places available: Limited
Fees: Free of charge
Available on weekends/evenings: Yes

School of Medicine 

Programme overview

Course description

MedWise is an on-line moodle Nottingham course. It is designed for teachers, trainers and supervisors who have responsibility for undergraduate and postgraduate medical and health science education and training in the School of Medicine.


The course covers: clinical teaching, supervising and giving feedback, lecturing and presentation skills, questioning techniques, curriculum concepts and learning outcomes, assessment principles and methods, evaluating teaching and educational theory.

Course tutors 

The course has been developed by Professor Reg Dennick and colleagues, who have over 25 years teaching experience in this area. An on-line forum is being considered for development in the future.

Professor Reg Dennick, Professor of Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Further roles:

Assistant Director of Medical Education;
Course Director Masters in Medical Education

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Research Summary

  • Medical Staff Training and Development
  • Developing web-based learning environments and resources
  • Computer Aided Assessment
  • Medical Curriculum development
  • Problem Based Learning

Selected Publications

DENNICK, R., 2012. Twelve tips for embedding theory into practice into teaching practices. Medical Teacher. 34(8), 618-624

DA SILVA, ANA L and DENNICK, REG, 2010. Corpus analysis of problem-based learning transcripts: an exploratory study. Medical education. 44(3), 280-8

TAVAKOL, M. and DENNICK, R.G., 2012. AMEE Guide 66; “ Post examination analysis of Objective Tests. Monitoring and improving the quality of high stakes examinations” Medical Teacher. 34, e161-e175

TAVAKOL, S., DENNICK, R. and TAVAKOL, M., 2012. Medical students’ understanding of empathy: a phenomenological study Medical Education. 46(3), 306-31

Programme detail

Course details

Core topics

The core course consists of the following topics which can be taken in any order:

  • Clinical teaching, supervision and feedback skills. How do I help learners get the most from their clinical experiences?
  • Teaching practical skills. How should I teach a clinical or practical skill?
  • Lecturing and presentation skills. How do I give an effective lecture or presentation?
  • Small group teaching skills. How do I run an effective small group teaching session?
  • Questioning techniques.  How can I extend my questioning techniques to encourage deep learning?
  • Curriculum concepts and learning outcomes. How do I use curriculum concepts and learning outcomes to  enhance my teaching?
  • Assessment principles and methods. How do I apply assessment principles to my teaching?
  • Evaluating teaching. How can I evaluate my teaching skills?
  • Educational theory. How can I use educational theory in my teaching?

Additional resources

  • A hypertext glossary explaining key terminology
  • Overview of the Nottingham Medical Curriculum
  • Survey of the '12 roles' of the Medical Teacher
  • References and documents for further information
  • Discussion forum

School details

Our mission is to improve human health and quality of life locally, nationally and internationally through outstanding education, research and patient care.


Teaching and learning, particularly training tomorrow’s doctors and teaching specialised postgraduates

Research and research training: We will perform and support the highest quality 'big' research which impacts on human health and disease

Partnership with the NHS and other healthcare providers

Visibility and profile of the School of Medicine:We will do what we do better, and we will tell others about it

Ethos and principles

Having people and patients at the heart of all we do: our teaching and learning, our research and our patient care

Contribution within the School of Medicine and to society beyond our immediate roles; helpfulness and service

Openness and fairness, with particular emphasis on communication (both internal and external) and on equality and diversity among students and staff

Personal and group responsibility for all aspects of our work, within a culture of opportunity and reward


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