China Policy Institute

CPI Stake Holder Dialogue by Katie Lee

B1 Hemsley, University Park
Monday 22nd May 2017 (16:00-18:00)

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The China Policy Institute is pleased to announce a CPI Stakeholder Dialogue by Katie Lee

Katie Lee has had a long professional involvement with China and Sino-British co-operation.  Having studied Chinese as a post-graduate, including a year at Shandong University in 1984-85, Katie worked for the Sino-British Trade Council.  After a stint at a city law firm, Katie went on to become Director of the Great Britain – China Centre, the leading organisation promoting understanding and exchange with China.  At GBCC Katie built up a significant rule of law exchange programme with key Chinese institutions, established the first party-to-party dialogue between the UK’s three principal political parties and the Chinese Communist Party, and supported a number of UK-Chinese strategic relationships.  Most recently, Katie worked for the British government both in Beijing and London on developing relationships with leading Chinese investors. She now works in London as the Chief Representative in London for ZhongZe Culture, a Chinese investment company looking to build its investment portfolio in culture, technology and finance. 

 Katie will talk about engaging with China with a particular focus on rule of law exchanges.



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