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Bill Bishop
Senior Fellow

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Twitter @niubi
Sina Weibo @billbishop

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Expertise: Internet and Digital Media; Technology; Chinese Politics; Chinese foreign policy; US-China relations; nature of the political system in China; the Communist Party’s capacity to stay in power; China’s Economy; Investing in China.

Media experience: Extensive experience in TV, radio and printed media interviews, weekly “China Insider” column for New York Times Dealbook

Languages for interviews: English, Mandarin.

Personal background: Personal background: American living in Beijing, bilingual with experience working in both the US and China. Co-founder of CBS MarketWatch in 1997, 6 academic years of formal Chinese language studies, an MA in China Studies from Johns Hopkins SAIS and a BA from Middlebury College.

In addition to writing Sinocism, I write the weekly China 中国 Insider column for the New
York Times Dealbook and am an active user of Twitter @niubi and Sina Weibo @billbishop. I was named by Foreign Policy Magazine as one of the top 100 foreign policy “Twitterati” and by Danwei as Twitter “Model Worker of the Year” for 2012.
PandoDaily has much more about me in its 3,000 word, August 2012 profile Bill Bishop: The Invisible China Hand.



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