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Taiwan Studies Programme

The Taiwan Studies Programme (TSP), housed within the China Policy Institute (CPI) at The University of Nottingham is dedicated to developing wider and sustained scholarly interest in the study, research and teaching of the politics, culture, society, external relations and economy of Taiwan.

As a 'miracle economy' and 'Third Wave' democracy, Taiwan is a fascinating case for many areas of academic investigation.

In addition to its complex history, disputed status and vibrant democratic system, Taiwan is a key component of the geopolitical landscape of East Asia and the Asia-Pacific.

Taiwan Studies Programme

Taiwan Studies Programme


Developing and disseminating knowledge about Taiwan is thus an important endeavour, one that the TSP is committed to advancing through supporting academic research and engaging with academia, policy makers and the wider community. China Policy Institute: Analysis offers insightful commentaries on current affairs by TSP and CPI researchers as well as other leading international scholars in the field.

Another important role of the TSP is to develop academic exchanges with Taiwanese colleagues and to facilitate members' participation in conferences and collaborative academic activities in Taiwan.

To attain these objectives the TSP implements a complementary programme of research and teaching on Taiwan, including financial support for doctoral students, an annual international conference and regular high profile public lectures. 


Taiwan Studies Programme Lecture: Facing the Mainland: How Taiwan Asserts Herself in the International Community

17 May 2017 (16:00-18:00)
B18 Law and Social Sciences Building, University Park
Ambassador Shen, former Representative (Ambassador) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the United States will be presenting on "Facing the Mainland: How Taiwan Asserts Herself in the International Community."

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