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The Taiwan Studies Programme (TSP) is driven by its constituent academic members under the direction of Professor Steve Tsang, a world leading expert on Taiwan and Director of the China Policy Institute (CPI) at the University of Nottingham.

TSP research

The TSP supports research into the politics, security, external relations, society, economy and history of Taiwan and the publication of findings based on such research.

TSP membership

Under Professor Tsang's leadership, the TSP has rapidly expanded in terms of the scale of its activities, the size of its membership and the reputation and standing of the Programme. The TSP is now home to a significant body of Taiwan expertise, in the form of permanent members of academic staff, external scholars and former officials with proven scholarship or experience in managing Taiwan affairs who contribute to the TSP through their position as Senior Fellows of the CPI. 

In the past year alone the TSP has added four permanent academic members whose research focuses on Taiwan: political scientists Andreas Fulda and Jonathan Sullivan, political economist Chun-Yi Lee, and historian Jeremy Taylor.

Research outputs

The internal members of the TSP and the Programme Director are committed to conducting research on Taiwan and have active research agendas rooted in various academic fields. Output from these various projects is consistently published in leading academic journals, book series and - reflecting our commitment to engaging with broader audiences outside of the academy - in newspapers, magazines, and on the rapidly growing CPI blog

Research links

In addition to the contribution of a significant number of external academic colleagues working on Taiwan at institutions across the world, the TSP benefits from the membership and close engagement of former officials with extensive experience on their respective government's policy towards Taiwan: For instance, Don Keyser (formerly of the US Department of State) and Rod Wye (formerly of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office).



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