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Job descriptions and Person specifications

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Essential and desirable specifications
Exercise: writing a person specification

Essential and desirable specifications

You will need to decide which skills, experiences, qualifications are essential to the job and which are only desirable.

Essential means that this is the minimum criterion needed to carry out the job and the job cannot de done without these criteria. No one without these criteria will be offered the job, no matter what other attributes they might posses.

Desirable refers to those criteria which are not essential, someone could do the job without this. If more than one candidate satisfies the essential criteria, specified desirable attributes can be taken into account in selection (it may be useful to set out the desirable criteria in order of priority).

Attributes not identified as either essential or desirable should not be taken into consideration in the selection process.

For University of Nottingham roles in which are in either the Administrative, Managerial & Professional, or the Technical job family please also refer to specific guidance and documents from HR (UoN only) on using the Role Profile Forms.

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